Bode Miller Might be Drunk, But He’s Still Winning.


When his first race kicks off at the 2014 Sochi games, Bode Miller will be 36 years old.  Considered to be one of the greatest American skiers of all time, he will be competing in his 5th olympics and is slated to be a contender in all of his events.

If you are familiar with Miller, chances are it is either because of his captivating ski performances, or the controversy that surrounded him at the 2006 Winter games.  While Miller was a medal favorite in all 5 events in Turin, he failed to reach the podium in any of the five.  His poor performance was magnified by his off-the-mountain antics.

Bode Miller - Newsweek (2)-thumb

In numerous interviews he told reporters he was “wasted” during runs, and that he was partying at an “olympic level.” Like a boss.  Unfortunately, this made him an easy media target and he was soon treated as a pariah.  Luckily for Bode, he rebounded in 2008 and came away with both a gold and silver medal.  Chances are he wasn’t sober for those either.

The reason that I am excited to watch Miller compete this year is the same reason he has been an icon of American skiing the majority of his career: He does not believe in any form of moderation.

He parties hard.  That is well-documented and I commend the man for it.  If you were the best at something you would too.


He trains hard.  If he is not violently throwing up after a training session, he says he didn’t work hard enough.  This has resulted in his excellence throughout the years.  Here he misses a gate and is disqualified, yet gets some major style points for throwing a 360 for the hell of it:

He is reckless.  There is about a 50% chance he will not finish a given race because he is going so balls out that he crashes more than any other skier.   Here he is blowing a ski 15 seconds into a race and finishing with one ski:

Bode Miller has made a name for himself by doing things his own way.  If he fails to place in any of his events, I will still enjoy watching him race.  America needs a face for this olympics and I would love to see him finish his career on a high note.

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